Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Ramen Girl made me cry

So we watched a movie (The Ramen Girl) and it made me cry! I can't handle pitiful older people in movies or anywhere! TOO emotional for me! ugh! Anyway, I blogged about the movie here. It was good in a strangely addicting way. So now I am about to go to bed. Snow is sittin in my lap passed out. I found out I have acid reflux today, ew..but at least now I have some meds to possibly fix my ongoing stomach issues! Now if I could just get all my grad stuff situated then maybe my stress level would lower, which would ALSO help the extra build-up of acid in my belly, and I could be a much happier girl! Well, that is all for tonight!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

yummm sangrias!

So Toot's has VERY reasonably priced sangrias! I went out with Steph, Ellen and their friend Amy for dinner. I was goin to just get 1 sangria, but found out that at Toot's you could buy a pitcher for the price of 2! Naturally I expected it to be a smaller pitcher. No sir! It was huge! We got about 7+ drinks out of it! No, I didn't drink them all, and no I didn't drive after I drank my 3. We went over to Chili's and had dessert. yumm-o. Of course that doesn't really help me in the diet category, but poo poo on that.
In other news, I have something really exciting that MIGHT be happening, but am doin my best to NOT get my hopes I guess all i can say is, 'what happens will happen' and hope for the best! woot.
In doubly other news, I get to see my 4-year olds Thursday! yay for Easter egg hunts! Ok. im tired. and still haven't done my school work. boo. Lookin nervously forward to saturday!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Numero Uno

Ok, so this blog is going to be where I blog about what's going on in my life and well, whatever the heck I feel like! YAY! and you aren't seeing double, the address does have 2 ss because lizzywrites was already taken! :-(
Well..I have stayed up tooo long organizing and starting my blogs that I am too tired to really get started! Off to cuddle up with my little baby and kindle! YAY for new beginnings!!
In other QUICK news..I found out tonight that I am (money permitting) going to be spending Christmas break in Brazil! WOO to the double HOO! fyi..its summer during our winter :-)