Tuesday, March 30, 2010

yummm sangrias!

So Toot's has VERY reasonably priced sangrias! I went out with Steph, Ellen and their friend Amy for dinner. I was goin to just get 1 sangria, but found out that at Toot's you could buy a pitcher for the price of 2! Naturally I expected it to be a smaller pitcher. No sir! It was huge! We got about 7+ drinks out of it! No, I didn't drink them all, and no I didn't drive after I drank my 3. We went over to Chili's and had dessert. yumm-o. Of course that doesn't really help me in the diet category, but poo poo on that.
In other news, I have something really exciting that MIGHT be happening, but am doin my best to NOT get my hopes up..so I guess all i can say is, 'what happens will happen' and hope for the best! woot.
In doubly other news, I get to see my 4-year olds Thursday! yay for Easter egg hunts! Ok. im tired. and still haven't done my school work. boo. Lookin nervously forward to saturday!

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